Sunday, February 27, 2011


On Monday, my neighbor taught him to play.

On Tuesday, we got the game at Wal-mart and played for 90 minutes after supper. We packed up our money and wrote down what space we were on to continue playing (leaving the board out with Kate in the house is out of the question).

On Wednesday, we continued. Craig was raking in the money and property and I was getting tired of it so I sold my property to Sam for $50.

On Thursday, Craig and Sam finished that game, with Craig letting Sam win.

On Friday, I played with Sam, and we tried out the "speed version," with the new dice. It made it more interesting and fun (to me). At bedtime, I suggested we count our money and the person with the most would win . . . after I hid $500 under my leg so Sam would win.

On Saturday, I played another game with Sam. Despite mentioning to Craig that one of us could win the next game (no funny business), Sam creamed me. The "speed dice" actually dragged the game out a little; if you roll Mr. Monopoly, you move your counted spaces and then move to the next property owned by the other player. This meant Sam would pass "go," collect $200, then have to move to Pacific Ave. and pay me $52. Finally I gave him Pacific for one of the rents I owed him and the game wound down from there.

I think it's Craig's turn to play.

update, 7:25 PM: Sam wanted to play with Craig. Kate wanted to play Monopoly Jr. with Craig. I agreed to start the game with Sam and Craig would swap out when he was finished with Jr. We were pretty evenly matched, although at the beginning I made some poor choices trying to set up Craig to not cream Sam, but then I kept playing and Craig made the kids supper.

The point is: I didn't exactly let him win. I rolled quickly before he could move to my 2-house yellow property (there was a mix up of which piece he moved and how far to move) and landed on 4-house Boardwalk. It was all down hill from there.

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  1. Ever played Monopoly Deal (card game)? Buster and I LOVE it! Once you know how to play, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete a game.