Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

A few weeks ago I took S & K to see Tangled. Kate loved it.

loved, loved, loved it.

I wasn't quite ready for how much she loved it.

I mean, obviously she was the model for Rapunzel's hair.

This is actually the before picture from when we took her for her first haircut.

But I digress. What was I talking about?

Oh, after Tangled, I realized she had never seen any of the Disney Princess movies. There's a few reasons for this: Since Sam is the older child, we were more about Thomas and Lightning McQueen by the time Kate came along. I mentioned my issues with the whole princess thing, and also, in every one of those movies, there's something scary (Ursula, anyone? or "Kill the Beast"? ).

My point is, without actively trying, we had avoided watching the movies that are typically a big part of little girls' vocabularies.

So I got Beauty and the Beast (on videotape!) from the library. Kate refused to watch it.

Her older friend came over and I suggested watching it and the friend was super-enthusiastic so they did. Almost all of it; we stopped it before the Beast's transformation so Kate has no idea what really happened.

I was kind of excited to watch it with her, snuggle up, and sing along with these songs that are embedded in my head. But once Belle's first song started ("there goes the baker with his tray like always"), I had a major flashback to Bob Jones University.

Feelings of dread, anxiety, unhappiness . . . PTSD. OK, I get it. Not PTSD to the level of war vets, but the symptoms* are there.

*distressing memories, dreams, guilt

It took me back to my freshman year and watching the movie in the FMA (edited, of course [seriously. There was a part or two that they silenced so we would not be corrupted by whatever ghastly ungodly word snuck into a G movie. from 1991.]). Plus we listened to the soundtrack all the time because there was very little listenable music that checked (but of course not the last song on the soundtrack, where some celebrity du jour sang the title song).

It was weird; usually I can tell when an unpleasant reminder is coming (like my mom's continuing ardent love for the place) but this caught me off guard.

(singing) "look, there she goes that girl is strange but special . . . " I imagined I was Belle. The Bob Jones community were the townspeople singing about me. But no. Not special. Just another rule-breaker to them.

"Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly" I thought any minute I was going to meet my true love . . . I went through a lot of boys looking for approval and it was such a waste . . .

Maybe Kate will see the end of the movie. Maybe she won't sit that long for awhile yet. But in a larger sense I hope she learns it's just a movie, a fairytale, a story.

Happily Ever After is for heaven.

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  1. So funny that you rented B&B. Belle got it for Christmas and likes it. She calls it 'Booty an' the Beast'. She gets excited when the 'fell' is broken and the beast turns into the prince.