Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Christmas Books

I'm going to try to write this without getting up so we might not make it to ten here. Ohamanda did this topic last week* and I thought I'd do the favorites in this house.

Top Ten Favorite Christmas Books:

1. Room For a Little One: It's so simple and beautiful.

2. Mortimer's Christmas Manger: This one doesn't even get put away; we read it all year.

3. Robert Sabuda pop-ups (particularly The Night Before Christmas [which, by the way, bothers me, since the poem is called "A Visit from St. Nicholas" but that is neither here nor there]): I got three of these for $2.99 each at Christmas Tree Shops several years ago. They all have some kind of typo/printing error, like in The Night Before Christmas, on the first page: "not a creature was stirring/not even a mouse?"

"not get up"? HAHAHA. Not only did I get up after writing the above, I didn't come back to this for three weeks.

*by "last week," I mean three or four weeks ago.

(and not only that, but I left it here stuck at 9 until today . . . started 11/29, posted today, when it's no longer seasonally appropriate. oh well . . .)

4. Christmas in the Manger: A board book and I love it for its simple, worshipful feel.

5. The Nativity: Familiar KJV Christmas story and great illustrations (oh wait, I haven't seen that naked baby before . . .)

6. Advent Storybook: We've read this for maybe 4 years now (I can't remember; I wish I'd written the year in it) and I've become fond of the story as it's become familiar.

7. The Polar Express: of course.

8. Santa's New Suit: Sam read this by himself the other day as I cleaned the kitchen; he called out the letters of the words he didn't know for me to tell him what they were.

9. Winter Walk: It's not Christmas-specific but it's so good I had to put it on here. This is one of those books I can quote from memory (another top-ten I was working on).

10. Seriously . . . after all this time, 6 weeks of rolling around in my subconscious, I still don't have a #10. We have more than 9 (8) Christmas books, but these are the ones I really like, and read often, and suggest to my children. The others I leave in the basket. Do you have a good one that I missed?

Head over to ohamanda for more top-tens and to see her fantastic Tangled party.


  1. You are cracking me up! I know the feeling of leaving a post--I probably have 50 posts in my drafts folder! I don't know some of these. I'll have to find these now. :)

  2. Some great ones! I haven't read them all, but love many you have listed!