Thursday, January 20, 2011

Somtimes I amaze myself

Last year I decided I needed to wear scarves. I thought they looked very stylish and made an outfit out of jeans and a t-shirt, so I went on a hunt. I bought 3 in one day and Liz helpfully advised me to keep them all. I added some more over time and Craig even got me one for Christmas this past year.

My method of folding them on my sweater shelf wasn't working.

I was always muttering where is that scarf?, having a visual in my head of the one I wanted and no frame of reference of where to start looking for it.

I was going to hang a bunch of hooks on the wall so they would have a home, but that wouldn't work for the knit ones and also would leave them out for little fingers to grease.

And then, shortly after Christmas, I thought of this:

The shoe one has been there for a long time . . . I've had it since Bloomsburg. The one on the right, the scarf one, was in the hall closet for awhile, then Sam's closet, then Kate's, where it never really held anything. It used to hold her sweaters but she'd always pull them out so I found another home for them.
I am so please with the results AND it helps me with my (unwritten/unspoken) goal of getting this entire house organized before summer when it all falls apart again.


  1. yay! :) Good call and glad your collection is growing!!

  2. Yay for being organized, and for wearing scarves!