Friday, January 21, 2011


Monday was no school for the MLK holiday.

Tuesday was no school because of snow.

Wednesday was a 2-hr delay and I kept Kate home.

Thursday was a regular school day.

And I thought, as they predicted snow for today (Friday), if there is no school on Friday I am going to crack up.

go bananas.

freak out.

go nuts and bang my head on the wall.

And then, the call came this morning.

No school.

UUUUGGGGGHHH, I thought, as I burrowed back into bed. We are going to go insane here, climbing the walls, getting on each other's nerves.

And then I was reminded of our Esther study from the fall (stay with me here, I have to give you some background).

For the first half of the study, she (Beth) gave us scenarios: It's tough being a woman in a mean world. It's tough being a woman in the shadow of another woman. etc. (there were 7 of them. Or maybe 6).

Then she showed us how we were going to "turn these around." She spent awhile one week explaining the overall principle: If ____, then ____.

If we don't have school, then I will crack up.

And Beth showed us a way better way to fill in the blanks.

If (this thing I fear happens; the worst thing I can imagine happens; my expectations are not met; I can't deal), then GOD.

God will still be there. He'll still love me. He'll still be in charge of the universe, He'll still be faithful and good.

So IF we school is cancelled, then GOD.

I know: having the kids home from school is not a "big" problem. But as I thought of this truth (as God brought it to mind), my spirit was calmed and I drifted back to sleep . . .

. . . until Kate came to shine a flashlight in my eyes.

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  1. That's a really great exercise! I love that. I'm not sure how I feel about snow days. In some ways it's easier to have the older boys home, like they are very good to entertain Gabe & Will but in other ways its hard because no break for me when the younger 3 nap...I hope it's a good day for you, it certainly has been a long week! :)