Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here's the Thing . . .

I always say that in conversations: "the thing is . . . "

"The big thing for me is . . ."

"and another thing . . ."

Cabin fever has struck me early this year. I'm going nuts a little bit. Not the unmanageable depression of the fall, but just at loose ends and weirdly dissatisfied. I trace a lot of this to spending too much time on the computer reading blogs and blog-hopping.

I get off the computer and not only do I not have some wicked cute craft to work on or take pictures of and post, I don't have gobs of cute fabric or craft supplies to make said wicked cute craft.

And on top of that, my house is just average . . . clean some days, messy others, slowly getting organized (if S & K could stop getting things out while I organize) . . . not fantastically lit and staged.

So I've decided to cut down on computer time. I have a lot of pictures on the camera I want to post but they're all projects in the middle of something and I want the "final" pic before loading them and writing posts. And maybe I won't get to them.

Because I want to do things because I want to do them and not becasue I think it'd make a good blog post.

I like the Craft Catwalk at Embellishing Life and other memes around that I've seen but I know I could drive myself crazy trying too hard to make something to be in them.

I look at design blogs and hate the mess I see all around.

So I may not be here much . . . I want to be, but I hate the feeling of "not good enough" that I get from blog-hopping and trying to "compete."

I'm going to try to focus on real life for a little.

The thing is, real life won't wait the way this blog will.

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  1. Good for you Sarah!That's exactly why I don't read a lot of other blogs or articles, etc. I try to pay little attention to what other's are doing out there (as far as projects, crafts, cooking, etc.goes) because all it does is make me feel very inadequate and like I'm not doing enough. I live in my own little world and do what I can and I'm very happy this way! I hope you find a renewed sense of accomplishment! :)