Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Home Linky Party: Quilted Ornaments

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be participating in this linky party.

A few weeks ago, I started catching up on The Lettered Cottage (a blog I found from Priscilla's blog). As I was drooling and plotting how to get some of her style, the first two installments of the linky party were posted. I didn't have a great mantle in time. And my vignettes are tiny. But the craft . . . the craft I can swing.

My craft was going to be the quilted stockings I was making obsessively last week but then I thought how that was potential plagiarism since the directions came from a book and I can't pretend they're mine. Also, you have to cut a template so it's not like you could make your own from just looking at my pictures.

But this . . .

This I can tell you how to do. Because I made it up.

I had a lot of fabric scraps and batting scraps lying around and wanted to make candy cane decorations (not necessarily ornaments) like ones I'd seen in Country Living. Like, 4 years ago.

So I did a little google search and found this, which I really liked b/c of the slanty fabric strips. But I didn't want to stuff it with fiberfill, I wanted to use batting. So I did this:


Plan B ended up being these quilted scrap ornaments.

I'll take you through my process.
I collected my scraps and some ribbon.

Then I layered the fabric and batting like I would a quilt.

I used my water-soluble marker (can't find a link) and traced a cookie cutter.

After I traced the star shape, I marked a 1" grid for quilting. The other stars I just sewed straight lines from the points to the other side; the candy canes have slanty lines.

Then I added a piece of ribbon to be the hanger. I almost forgot this step and in fact did skip this step on the other two stars.

The I "quilted" by lengthening my stitches.

I used a regular stitch for the star outline. I didn't backstitch anything or tie knots so there were threads everywhere. I figure the outline stitch will hold down the quilting stitches.

After quilting, I trimmed around the star shape. It's a little tricky getting the layers where the hanging ribbon is, so try to not snip through the ribbon. Then I pulled out or trimmed the excess thread.

I haven't gotten around to spraying the blue marks with water to dissolve them (that's why all the pictures of the finished product are of the other side), but that is easy enough to do. Sometimes you have to spray three times or so (in fact, if you look closely at the picture of all the ornaments, you might see some blue still hanging around on the the pink candy cane).

I think the open-layer edges give these a rusticy feel. They're fun and easy plus I got to use the rest of the April Cornell fat quarter bundle I've had sitting around here for a good 3 - 5 years.
I can't wait to see what else is linked up at Centsational Girl. Happy crafting!


  1. Those are so cute!!! They'd make such a nice little gift for a friend. I've never tried quilting on my sewing machine before...you make it look easy. ;) Great job! Visiting from Centsational Girl today. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  2. these are awesome, and I have tons of fabric scraps lying around...but I have never quilted. I love them though and think you are amazing.

  3. Way over my head, but I LOVE these! Great job.

  4. Way to use scraps! These turned out darling - have a great day!

  5. Wow. You would've been a great addition to our ornament exchange at Flying Fibers this week! I hope you bring some with you when you come down for Christmas. I want to see these in person!!

  6. Sarah, I really liked these simple ornaments, so I posted them on my website, FaveQuilts.com. You can see them here:


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