Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3 (fail) and an Update (whiny)

I forgot to take a picture today. It's the second (third) day of the DPP and I have my first fail. sigh.

If you must know, I scrapped* with my girls, made a meal for someone in our church, played dollhouse with Kate, missed meeting the bus, went out to dinner, and went to Target for a present we need for a party. Tomorrow. At 9 AM.


I have been wanting to make something for awhile with ruffles. Then I was blog-hopping (I think I started at Embellishing Life) and saw on a link-up a little thumbnail of a stocking with a ruffle on it. So while I would like to credit the original source of inspiration, I can't. It was a glimpse at a thumbnail.

But then I made this.

For my niece.

Whether she wants it or not.

It was tres easy. I took pictures that I may share with you.

These are the originals. The original pattern has prairie points, not ruffles. And if you must know, I made Kate's before she was born and she didn't have a name until after she was born. So her name is not embroidered on hers.

Yes. I have a savings account going to pay for her future therapy.

Since prairie points are easier and I had some fat quarter collections lying around, I made these:

I plan to sell them on etsy. But you know what (now we get to the whiny part)? Images uploaded to etsy have to be 2MB or smaller. These are too big. So the etsy store is "open" with not one thing in it. I looked to see if I could change the size after taking but my limited tech skills could not. So I have to get out the old camera and take them. again. all the bows. all that. waaaah poor me.

*by "scrapped" I mean addressed Christmas cards and quilted.

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  1. Hold your horse!! I use a resizing website all the time!

    It's great!