Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17

Yes, I'm cheating. I've been taking pictures every day but not been able to post them every day. I really don't know why I thought I could take a picture (and not just these 'chronicle the event' pics I've been posting the super-cool artistic ones I wanted to be taking) and post every day.

In December.

As in, the month that Christmas is in.

A friend asked me to make some bedding for her daughter's American Girl Doll bunkbeds that she got at the unfinished furniture place.

We went to Joann's and picked out the fabric and then I went to work. It was really fun and easy - 2 mattresses, 2 quilts, and 2 pillows. I can't wait to see the finished project (she's painting the bed) and *hopefully* she (the daughter) will like it.


  1. I love the fabrics! You are so clever and crafty - love what you did with the letter b for your niece too.