Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14

The moral of this story is this: If your child names the stuffed item before reaching the register, you might want to just buy it then.

She picks up things all the time. I hand then to the register person and say, "we're not buying this," and that's the end of it.
But this . . . "I don't know what kind this is (it's a pokemon); I'll call her Love Hug."
"Love Hug?" I asked, slightly disdainful.
I had to pry it from her hands at the register. There was not tag on it and I was not going to wait for someone to find another one to scan. I was done.
Plus it's 11 days from Christmas.
She talked about it all afternoon and night. Occasionally crying.
Finally at 7 (bedtime!), Craig said he'd take her back to get it.
Kate prayed that they could find it.
And they did.

Dad's a hero.


  1. um. i think daddy is a push over. ha ha ha. she is so cute with that thing.

  2. Fred and I are cracking up! Yes, once it's named... it's hopeless! Love Hug??? Five minutes in her mind would be very interesting!!! Very cute addition to the family... Craig is a hero! :)