Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Thanksgiving at BJU, to the students, was a big deal. After Thanksgiving, you could listen to Christmas music. Before Thanksgiving, Christmas music would induce such a ghastly case of homesickness that the student would immediately hit the four-lane highway running in front of the school and head home . . .

Also on Thanksgiving there were no classes.

When I was there, there were classes on Friday after Thanksgiving. So if you didn't want to go, or wanted to go home, you had to get cuts (permission to miss class). Toward the end of my time there, they were not having classes but having seminars or something for the guests (future indoctrinates) to visit.

Anyway. When we* were elementary school aged, I remember eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Dining Common. By the time I was in school there, we were eating at my aunt and uncle's house.

My aunt would have lots of people over. Like 27. or 35. It varied.

Those were good times. Lots of food, people, fun, little cousins (actually first cousins once removed, to be technical), people racing out to get to Artist Series on time . . . sigh.

Of course, on Thanksgiving, the day started with the Thanksgiving Praise Service. In the afternoon was the Turkey Bowl**, the championship soccer game. I remember as a child watching the cheerleaders and wanting so much to be those girls. And this was in the 80's, so you know the hair was outstanding.

I never did get a chance to cheer at a Turkey Bowl game (Never fear. I did cheer so stay tuned for those stories)

*me, my brother, and my sister

**They play this game on a Saturday? What kind of compromising liberals do that? And Beta-freakin'-Gamma beat Basilean?

And yes. I cheated. I back-dated this for Wednesday.

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