Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am so incredibly blessed. I have a wonderful, healthy family. I have a fantastic husband, great friends, and the hope of heaven because of faith in Jesus Christ. I am thankful for God's amazing love and mercy to me (me!). I am thankful for so many things but when it's time to say what I'm thankful for, in a group (say, on Thursday with family), I feel obligated to say one of these big ones.

There are so many little blessings I'm thankful for, too, and even though Simply Mel did this last week, I am not copying her because I planned to do it this week before I read her post.

1. Unexpected laughs

2. Remembering to set up the coffee maker the night before and hit "delay brew" so it's all ready in the morning.

3. Piyo breaking up the Tony routine.

4. When Sam or Kate crawls into bed with me and then falls back to sleep.

5. A card (an actual piece of mail!) from a good friend.

6. My crafting space

7. My Friday morning scrappers

8. Remembering everything on my grocery list even though I forgot the list at home.

9. New Friends

10. Old Friends.

Head on over to ohamanda for more top ten Tuesday.

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  1. AWWW! This Friday morning scrapper is thankful for you Sarah!