Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Once, Happy Twice

OK, so that's about Chicken Soup with Rice but it's so appropriate for this:

My husband made it (the food photography thing is not so easy and this is the best shot we took before deciding to quit before we took pictures all night).

First he cut up the turkey, then he made the stock, and then he made the soup.


Every year he gets a turkey from work. We don't need a turkey as my mother-in-law hosts us for Thanksgiving and a big ol' turkey in our little ol' freezer stresses me out (when will we cook it? How long can it stay there? When will we ever cook a turkey that big? Why is there no room in this freezer?). Last year I took it (the frozen turkey) to a local food bank.

This year, Craig had the idea to cut it up.

Like, duh. Why didn't we think of that before? But especially now, with this ridiculous mortgage thing going on, we can use all the free meat in the freezer that the freezer can hold. Cut up, the thing won't take up so much room.

Another bonus is, Craig got to channel his grandfather's butcher skills to dismember the bird.

We (I was there making suggestions and cleaning up) put the carcass in a pot with onions and peppercorns and, hmm, I don't remember what else. Try to not be too disappointed that I'm not being exact. Simmered, stirred, skimmed, etc. Waited.

We let it cool and refrigerated it. The next day (Thanksgiving Friday), Craig came home early from work and made the soup with celery, carrots, onion, and acini di pepe. It was beyond fantastic. He cooked one of the turkey breasts and put the meat in (we had to keep the leftover turkey from his mom's to go with the other leftovers for you know, leftovers).

I don't have an actual recipe for what he did. There were a good 10 - 12 cups of stock (he took off all the cooled and solidified fat), the turkey breast, several carrots (probably could have used more), several pieces of celery, half an onion, and 3/4 cup of the pasta. Some salt and pepper. Heat and simmer for awhile (he spoke with his caterer/owner of the company for advice and he suggested "at least 3 hours).

It was so, so good . . . even our children ate it. Sam loved it while Kate needed a little more convincing/motivation to eat. In fact, I can hardly wait for lunch so I can have some more.


  1. Ciao Sarah,
    hope you have a nice we,Ele

  2. It looks awesome! Way to go cutting the bird up. Love acini di pepe. Just like to say it actually :)