Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Garnet Hill

There was a time in my "adult" life (adult by the numbers, as in, post-teen) when I was tiny (a bobble head, really, I was so skinny but my head was normal sized) and could wear really big girls' sizes if the mood struck me.

This is no longer the case.

Not to mention, some clothes for little girls are so trampy it churns my stomach. And then Growing up with Garnet Hill shows up in the mailbox.

And just for a moment*, I wish for my pre-baby hips.

*Of course for more than just a moment. But the hips have been worth it.

Here are ten things I wish came in my size:

2. T-shirt - embellished, of course.

3. Cardigan - it's not like I like ruffles or anything

4. Cashmere tie-front

5. Shoes -they look really comfy

6. Coat

7. Scarf and Hat

8. Dress - OK, maybe not this shape, but I love the ruffles.

9. Knit Dress - again, probably not so good with the post-baby hips, but I like the colors and the idea that I could be trendy with leggings and all.

10. Boots - I'm sure I could find similar ones but I needed to finish off this list.

More top ten at ohamanda.


  1. Makes me want a little girl so I can buy all those clothes, they are too cute. and soo your style, Sarah!

    I can vouch for you that you totally wore kids clothes!

  2. I love the cardigan (#1) too! Gorgeous. I didn't know you were such a ruffle girl!

    I have a pair of black shoes similar to the ones in your list. Target, of all places! And they are very comfy.