Friday, November 19, 2010

The Delay

Here's the dillyo (that is my pronunciation of "deal, yo," which in itself is my attempt* to sound "hip" or "street"):

I was very motivated last Saturday when I posted there was a big announcement coming. Then my motivation sagged. And it rained. And I didn't want to take pictures in the rain or the basement. And I realized there's a lot of pictures to take (alot, ha ha ha ha ha) and the idea of getting up off the sofa to get the camera was just overwhelming.

This fall has been weirdly tough and some days breathing is overwhelming. So on a down day I try to roll with it and not be too down on myself and on a good day, I fly through chores and crafts like a woman on fire.

So you'll just have to hold your horses**.

*lame, I get it.

** Kate or Sam would respond, "I don't have any horses to hold***."

*** Patently untrue, as I am trying to instill horse love in Kate by getting her stuffed horses and horse books and plastic model horses. She ignores them and loves on puppy and num-num.

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