Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Card's in the Mail

It was there as soon as I got the new camera: I am going to take a fantastic Christmas card picture this year.

Disclaimer: I seriously try to avoid thinking "this will be the best ever" or "this picture will turn out great." Thinking like that leads to a lot of disappointment. Real life rarely lives up to my imagination . . . I'm not trying to be negative. I try to be realistic . . . so when I take pictures, I click the shot a minimum of 8 times. I find the best shots I get are because of a heavy dose of luck.

I do have a couple pics that I'm really happy with and was getting to ready start playing with on card designs when my friend Mel posted this on facebook: Bloggers! You can receive 50 free Christmas or holiday cards from Shutterfly

OOOooohhh, really?

So I entered. And here we are.

I love Christmas cards. Now that we and our friends have children, it's so fun to get the cards and see how they've grown and changed . . . or if it's someone I see a lot, how they've posed their children. I even have a dedicated photo album where I keep the cards after I take them off display.

I swear to you I am not copying this from Simply Mel: I like my cards to have a religious theme (she says pretty much the same thing and I thought, I feel that way, too). I believe Christmas celebrates the most wonderful event in the history of the world, that a holy God loved us enough to send his Son to pay the price for our sins. And that Son came as a baby. The least I can do is demonstrate that with a verse or the sentiment on my card. And bake a lot of cookies. And play carols while baking. And cry when reading Room for a Little One . . .

I digress. I usually start out looking for a card with a distinctly Christmas message.

I love the "every good gift" and the silhouette scenes.

Or maybe just a simple sentiment:

Sweet pic, huh? I was thrown of with Mel's post, with the sample pictures on the cards and not her kids. But then, I can't really "let the cat out of the bag" and let you see the card yet, can I?

But . . . I think I'll need space for more than one picture:

I like how this one is simple and modern.

And there's this one:

I really like angels as a motif.

There's so much else on their site. We usually get our cards from shutterfly so I was really jazzed to be able to get free cards for writing this. I don't know how I'm going to pick just one design, though.

What would you pick?


  1. I liked all the ones you picked too! And, yes, I don't want everyone to see what the cards will look like before they get them ;o). I still have to get the pictures taken too.

    Glad you were able to join up. Christmas cards are expensive and every free card counts!

  2. I love the holly one but am with you that you need more than one pic...unless you do a family photo...:) Thanks for sharing this. I usually use snapfish but for 50 free cards I'm not that loyal! :)

  3. Thanks for posting about the deal! Fantastic! I like the middle one!