Sunday, November 7, 2010

Astronaut Pizza

Well, we made it through last week thanks to The Common Man and chicken.

For Sunday lunch we went to The Common Man. It's always so fantastically good and we were full all afternoon and didn't really need supper.

My mom brought a roaster chicken so we had that one night and I made the chicken milano one night and then the last night we had (wait for it) leftovers from the two nights where we put out all that effort.

I can't remember what we had on Thursday but Friday I decided we would have pizza because then I would not have to go to the store.

I used my sister-in-law's recipe for pizza dough. I didn't have that much whole wheat flour and my dough turned out really sticky but still fine after baked. It was pretty much my first success with yeast since . . . well, last year's Amish friendship bread, but before that, the beginning of our marriage.

And then the most adorable astronaut stopped by to help:

I got two of these costumes at Target for $3 each.

Don't knock the after-holiday costume purchase. First of all, costume wearing is big in our house. And secondly, Sam's two choices for costumes this year were both after-Halloween purchases last year: He first wanted to be Jango Fett before deciding on Spiderman - $2 last year.

Last year I got a great shot of my kids trick-or-treating.

This year, not so much. I took a lot of pictures but none of just the two of them.

Sam was all about being with his friends and covering the most ground as quickly as possible. Kate was much slower and selective when given the chance to choose.

And for all that pavement-pounding, all I got was a lousy four Butterfingers.


  1. you should do a post on your chicken milano. I remember having it at your house for dinner ages ago (when Sam was a baby). It was delicious.

    Love the astronaut costume.

    And I generously flour my counter when I roll out that pizza dough so it isn't as sticky, if that helps. Looks like it came out good!

  2. I'm big on the after-Halloween costume sales. Not because we participate in the holiday but because, like you, dressing up is big in our house. I just went to Target last week though and the costumes were all still $15 on sale!!! Maybe I should go this week?