Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Weeks {top ten Tuesday}

10 Thoughts, 10 Weeks in to P90X.

1. I have not had the dramatic results I wanted, although

2. I do have a waist again and

3. my arms are lookin' fine.

4. Recovery Drink is really good. Sometimes I exercise just so I can have some.

5. It's OK if I miss a day or two. Maybe I'd have better results if I didn't, but it's OK.

6. I haven't made huge diet changes but do find myself wanting better food and fewer handfuls of candy corn.

7. Banana/Superman is tough enough without rolling over onto a matchbox car.

8. Kate looks adorable doing vinyasas with me.

9. I can curl 15 lbs. In each hand.

10. I can do straight-leg push-ups. Like, 4.

Now, exercise your fingers and head over to ohamanda for more Top Ten Tuesday Lists.

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