Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Way Back's Back! (for now)

My junior year . . . no, spring semester my senior year (maybe?), I took Jeremiah and Ezekiel with Michael Barrett. I had to go get special permission from some dean to take it with the nurses, because according to my exceptional class-scheduling skills, it was the "only" Bible class that fit into my schedule. My 11-credit schedule.

The nursing majors took the class for 2 hrs on Tuesday and Thursday for the first half of the semester and then did something nursey for the second half. This meant that I'd be done with the class halfway though the semester and have a lot more time to curl my hair, hang out in the A&O, or iron my pleated skirts.

There was one other non-nursing major in my section, Scott Hunter (a boy! all the girl nursing majors, me, and him. He sat next to me).

I don't remember anything from the class. Well, content wise. I did horribly on the first quiz so after that I photocopied the chapters for the subsequent quizzes (one of the nurses suggested this) and it felt weirdly sacrilegious to do that, but having done it I could highlight much more than I'd feel comfortable with in the Bible and then I did better on the quizzes.

And then there was the time they moved the Bryan Bear game from the weekend to Monday night (or something - I think there might have been a migraine in there somewhere, too) and I did NOT have time to study for the quiz and I asked if I could not take it and make it up later in the week because it was my birthday. He said in 20 years of teaching he'd never heard that excuse he'd heard and yes, I could make it up.

Later in the week, I went to the office to take the quiz and took him a piece of my cake.

That's it. No insights into prophecy or the time period or any overtones of Christ. Cake and nurses.

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