Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I Didn't Know

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Ten things I did not know ten years ago:

1. That Craig snored when he was asleep.

2. That the first year of marriage would be so easy (it's supposed to be hard, right? Ours wasn't. Most of the credit for that (I'm going to say goes to Craig but you know it goes to God, right? That goes without saying.) goes to Craig for being so calm and even-keeled.

3. That the nicer brand undershirts fit better than the generic brand undershirts.

4. That we'd move twice and change jobs 4 times.

5. That Craig didn't like mustard.

6. That getting a king-sized bed so everyone could fit comfortably would be such a good idea.

7. That I'd trade Martha Stewart for Martha Speaks and not mind at all.

8. That a book Craig chose and read first would be such a good read.

9. That Craig would still be talking about getting a Jeep.

10. That I'd love him more now that I did 10 years ago.

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  1. Aww...happy anniversary!

    I have to agree with the undershirts -- my husband much prefers the more expensive brand. They hold up better too!

  2. First of all Happy Anniversary.
    Glad your first year was easy! I was rethinking mine quite often to be honest! Since that was 14 years ago I guess it's safe to say that right?
    Happy 10th!