Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten Wedding Gifts We Still Use

Sometimes I pick something up and think this was a wedding (or shower) gift; how nice that we're still using it. Some things didn't last the first year while others have been incredibly useful. So here, a list of ten things we still use AND as a bonus I'll tell you who gave it to us, if I can remember.

1. Towels (one set was from my parents' friends the Racillas)

2. mattress from Craig's parents (transplanted to Maine)

3. plastic food storage containers (about half the set is left)

4. pyrex dishes with plastic lids

5. waffle iron (One year later, Craig's aunt and uncle gave us a gift card to a store on Nantucket and we got the waffle iron while we were there for our anniversary.)

6. china (many contributors and the collection is still growing)

7. placemats/napkins from my friend Amy

8. Bookcases (bought with wedding money)

9. quilt from Craig's mom

10. blue baking dish set (my bffforever Sarah's parents)

Now give yourself a present head over to ohamanda for other top-ten lists.

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