Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids' Choice

This has been a week of kids' choice. Craig was late three nights this week and gracious I cannot dig up the energy on those nights to cook something more elaborate than frozen ravioli for the three of us.

And I didn't even have the energy for that this week.

Even Friday night, when Craig was here, they still got kids' choice because we were having leftovers (from Thanksgiving on Monday and the chicken I roasted last week. I can't let yummy roast chicken and that phenomenal gravy I made go to waste now, can I?).

Last night, when Saturday sloth translated itself into pasta with meat sauce (the house special), there was a moment of whine from both of them . . . "I don't want that."

Their memories are so short. Four days of kids' choice and they think it's a choose-your-own-entree house.

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