Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall

I never got around to posting the things I do like about winter. And summer's pretty self-explanatory. But there's something about the change of seasons, any season to the next season, that offers a fresh start, hope, a change of scenery, a wardrobe change (with new acquisitions).

So here's ten things I'm looking forward to with the end of summer:

1. Getting my house back in order. Forget spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning. I don't need to spring clean because I'm here all winter and the house is clean and in order. I read spring cleaning articles and think I do that once a week. But during the summer, we're back and forth to Maine, and even if we're home, we're not really in the house, and then school starts and there's paper everywhere. Plus fall and then Christmas are such good decorating holidays that I like to look at spare surfaces for a little before going all Better Homes and Gardens on the place.

2. Having a little free time. Sam is in school all day and Kate three mornings, so that gives me about 7.5 hours a week to sit and stare at the wall should I wish. We've only had half a week so far with this schedule but I have grand plans: volunteering on Mondays; shopping, cleaning, organizing, coffee with friends, etc. (maybe I'll start flying again); and scrapping with friends on Fridays. Oh, a haircut too. Soon.

3. Apple picking.

4. Corn Mazes.

5. Pumpkin Pie.

6. Feeling like eating soups and stews again.

7. Baking in general . . . I don't do much in the summer because it's so hot and there's so much else going on and ice cream is so good.

8. People wearing more clothes. It gets gross seeing toes and shoulders and thighs and muffin tops . . . it's just better in the winter because typically the cold requires more covering to keep warm.

9. Harry Potter.

10. Getting back into an exercise routine. Stop laughing.

More lists at ohamanda. So take a break from alchemy and check out a few.


  1. i so agree with number 8! i look forward to that every fall.

  2. I LOVE apple picking and pumpkin pie!! The lady at the grocery store said there is a shortage on pumpkin so buy yours early!!