Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten thoughts on two weeks in

Last spring, my husband did P90X and had really good results. He wanted to do it again this fall and encouraged me to do it, too. I was very apprehensive having tried some of the workouts and been totally intimidated, but decided to try it, one day at a time (much like my approach to my Christian walk: if I look at where I am and where I want to be or expect myself to be (whether it's perfectly holy or super-sonic-X-fit), it's beyond overwhelming and discouraging [not to mention unattainable since it's not until heaven that I'll be perfect in Christ], but if I walk faithfully today and not worry about tomorrow, God in His graciousness shows me He is sufficient).

Or as Tony says, "Just push play."

So, two weeks in, here are 10 thoughts on my P90X experience (so far):

1. The people in the yoga session are very serious.

2. The music in the legs/back session is much louder in proportion to the audio cues.

3. I'm a little stronger than I thought I was.

4. My wrists are weaker than I thought (all those vinyasas were getting to me).

5. It really does feel good to finish a workout.

6. It's OK to skip segments that I really can't do (like jab/cross/hook/uppercut: I can't get the rhythm/timing and just look like a deranged flailing noodle-armed scarecrow blowing in the wind).

7. I think a little more about what I'm eating because I don't want to waste all that effort I just expended.

8. two words: recovery drink.

9. It's hard to follow Tony's audio cues with a constant background of 4-yr-old chatter.

10. I need to wear a tighter shirt for yoga; the neckline was practically smothering me during every downward dog.

If I wasn't so self-consciously modest, I might take and post a "day 1" picture, but I can't have that kind of thing out there. You'll have to take my word for it if it's effective or not.

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  1. I tried to do that one time and it almost killed me. So... I quit! I'm happy with my elliptical now. But, I'm impressed you're doing it!