Saturday, September 4, 2010


I've always done pretty elaborate parties for Sam but for some reason, not really for Kate. So this year I was determined to do a theme party for her.

I looked around online and noticed a recurring design theme: circle cupcake picks and dessert tables. So I put a little effort into thinking of a theme . . . we went through tea party party to doggy party and she finally settled on . . . a hula party.

One idea I read online for a hula party was to play "pass the coconut." I thought, easy enough, but possibly lame. But the kids loved it. They were very excited and into it.

Here's the table. I made the "happy birthday banner," the cupcake wraps, and the "aloha" picks.

And yes. The Blackberry was part of the decorations.

I hand-cut the wraps. I wish I had printed the template I found when I googled "cupcake wrappers" but I didn't. Also I wanted to try a decorative edge but forgot to bring or if I did bring them, couldn't find, my punches in Maine. I really wanted the biggest circle to be scalloped but they didn't have a big enough one at Michael's. So that's on the wish list now.

But overall I like how they turned out.

She was able to blow out her candle before the wind got it.

And one more pic: the shirt I made.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading Company (I'm not linking for reasons that will soon be revealed) and one box came with the hula skirts in it. It was Thursday, so I called OTC and they said the box was at the post office; it was not. I kind of harassed the guy at the Acton PO but that didn't make the box arrive; Craig got the plastic leis at Wal-mart and we had the party . . . but even now, the second box hasn't arrived.

When I called I said I wanted a refund on the whole order and she said "I'll need the hula skirts back." Really? You really want to be like that?

Oh well. It's not a big deal and now I don't have luau party decorations that I have to store. My sister-in-law brought a few things she had so that added to the ambiance.

And Kate had a great time. She didn't miss a table skirt or making her own lei. She just had a good time celebrating turning 4.


  1. LOVE the cupcakes, but how annoying about that company.

    Looks like Kate had a blast! That's all that counts!

  2. Kate's party was a blast, sans the oriental trading stuff. You did an amazing job, and all the kids had a blast! And your cupcakes were pretty. well executed!

  3. Oh, and a special thanks for PRETTY cupcakes with NO EGG! You really are an amazing auntie! Jack was thrilled to be able to eat what everyone else was eating.