Friday, September 3, 2010


My first baby on his first day of first grade.

He was so excited he was up at 6:04 AM. He climbed into bed next to me and fell asleep for a little longer. I got to snuggle with him and pray for him . . . and snooze a little longer, too.

Here he is turning to look so I can take a picture, just as I asked him to. He was so good about picture taking; lately he grimaces and growls when I pull out the camera and tells me it's not time to take pictures.

Waiting for the bus in the afternoon, Kate wanted to play tag. It was at least 95 degrees out; I was not running, so she scampered off to play hide-and-seek (which it was also too hot to play but I was willing to indulge her for one turn).

He got off the bus smiling. He was up and down emotionally all night; he'd go from chatting out what he did that day to crying about Kate talking or the back of his knee hurting, a combination of being tired and processing all of the new experiences of the day.
I was emotional throughout the day, too; walking back from dropping him off I was sad, and then about noon time I realized I was missing him. I wanted him to be getting off the bus so I could know how the day went.
"Good," he said. His first answer was good.


  1. oh wow, are they both cute or what!? love his bo-sox shirt for the first day of school! good work makin adorable kids, lady!

  2. Glad he had a "good" day! Man of few words, like his daddy :)
    It does get easier. Can't wait for Kate's first day and hear her comments!

  3. Glad he had a good first day!! I am sure he will get used to being a big first grader and also having to be there the whole day. It's a big change!

  4. awww, so bittersweet, those firsts. Glad he survived and that you got good cuddle time in bed (and a little more sleep) before he had to go to school. Love the picture of him getting on the bus.
    When does kate start?