Monday, September 27, 2010


Some friends and I get together on Friday mornings, now that school has started, and scrap. This past Friday, I decided I could carry a lot less stuff if I made cards. Plus, October is a huge birthday & anniversary month for our extended families (May is another big month for us) and I could sort of assembly-line make the cards and be done with it.

Now I just have to keep track of them until it's time to send them (unlike the Father's Day cards, which I still haven't found . . . I spent a lot of time choosing them and had a "Papa" one for my father-in law and a "Pop-pop" one for my father, plus the ones for Craig . . . they still haven't turned up). I thought about just mailing them all out now; some would be really early but at least they'd be there, right?

All of the paper used is Close to my Heart.


  1. This is crazy! I just got an email from Jan discussing some Ladies Missionary Group stuff. Cards was the topic and she said she'd ask you or Andrea for some ideas...and here it is! I love them. They're beautiful. Where do you buy your paper...I know it's a silly question but I don't leave the house to go shopping unless it's the grocery store so haven't been in a craft store in about 3 years!

  2. great idea! I love projects that you can finish in one sitting.

  3. i think the missing cards are with the ipod. maybe in the back of the freezer. :)