Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"vintage" is relative

Last week when my sister was here, we got a sitter for the kids and went out by ourselves. We went to Peterborough, NH for chicken burritos from 12 Pine (we promised one to Liz but she left before we got back so Craig ate it. sorry).
Back in the day, like 11 years ago, there wasn't much in Peterborough. But now there's some cool shops. Clothes and gifts, and at the end of our circle of Depot Square, some really fun & pretty antique shops.
We spent a lot of time prowling and digging in those two shops. I found a little bundle of vintage-looking lace-type trim (are they really old? or just raggedy and dirty?). I had been thinking I wanted to try making hair bows out of vintage trim, if I could find some, and for $3.95 I saw my chance.
I even took lots of pictures from the start (which felt a little optimistic, like I already thought it was going to work and I'd want pictures for a post and it could really be a waste of time disaster that I'd have wasted my time taking pictures of) for you.

I didn't take a picture "before" I oxy-soaked them and washed them. I thought they were kind of a pale ecru, but in reality, they are white:
Then I sewed a running stitch and gathered them (by pulling the bobbin thread) in to a circle.
Then I stacked them and sewed them and puzzled about what to do with the big piece.

The couple things I tried with the big piece didn't work and this is what I ended with:

I hot glued it and sewed it to a barrette and put more hot glue on it.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and wish I had gotten more . . .

seeeeeeriously . . . I've tried quite a bit to fix the spacing and it won't fix.


  1. I'm still waiting for my burrito. I blame Craig for this.

  2. this is great. I love the stacked, full look. how fun to go shopping with your sis, kid free!