Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nursing Cover

I started this post on June 17 and just finished it now.

A friend from church asked me to make a nursing cover. I looked at directions on a website or two and it looked really easy. She was going to get some fabric but I was really "chomping at the bit" to try it out so I took some fabric from my stash and made this:

I was really happy with how this turned out, and she liked it so much I gave her this one.

I basically followed the directions here.

Right. You will notice almost no similarity between what I made and what's on the website. I did use her dimensions (38" x 28" give or take) and the neck strap is 30" as she suggests, but basically I struck out on my own. (By the way, the solid fabric on the one above is a really pretty pale yellow mini-wale corduroy. It doesn't show up yellow in the picture. I don't know why I had it other than I thought it was pretty and might use it someday . . . I had that clever thought 3 years ago. It must be so happy to be out in the light of day. And that pattern? I have a good four yards of that. I don't even remember buying it.)

I did not take process pictures because, well, I figured you could go to the link and read the directions yourself. Basically I cut my fabric, then cut it again to get it right, then pinned them right sides together and sewed almost all the way around. I cut the strap 4" x the length of the fabric; I cut the long strap to 30" and the short one was the remainder (about 15" or whatever). I doubled the short one over and threaded it through the D-rings. Then I sewed close to the bottom of the D-rings.

I fought to get the straps turned right side out and then when I was at Joanne's I found this fantastic tool that does exactly what its name says: quickly turns tubes of fabric.

Then, because it was so much fun, I made two more. One was commissioned as a gift (I got paid for it!)

and the other I gave as a gift.

There it is, the fabric I used for the camera strap. On these last two, I used a flannel for one side and just a regular cotton for the other; on the first I liked how the corduroy was soft and I wanted that soft/plush feel for the others. I need to find out how these stood up over time and washing . . . and then wait for someone else to have a baby so I can make more.

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  1. Those covers are so great!! I never saw nursing covers when I was nursing babies (my youngest is 8) but now I see them everywhere. A friend of mine has one with a stiff arch stitched into the top edge which allows her to look down and see what she's doing. She's a new mom and still needs to see to latch the baby on. I thought the arch was a fantastic idea! :) Your covers are beautiful. I hope your friends love them!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting this morning!