Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Fumbling Attempts

A few shots with the new camera . . . attempts at "arty" shots, not my typical need to record this event for scrapbooking or my child looks really cute/crazy/cool today use of the camera.

This one didn't really capture what I was going for . . . the light peeking through and hitting only some of the needles looked so cool. Also the wind was blowing and moving the branches and not cooperating with my aperture settings . . . I think . . . you know. Something like that.

I'm sure this one could be better but even so, I like how it turned out.

I wouldn't have minded taking several more of these . . . but I was feeling self-conscious taking the ones I did. This is my favorite.

I really like this one from when we went to the shore with my sister. I saw some of our beach gear stacked and thought, great 'end of day at beach' shot . . . I did the monochrome to reduce the visual dissonance of the red, white, and blue bucket and the different colored shovels.

Belle's shoulder. I would have liked to have taken 18 variations of this, but she sat still for just this one . . . well, I managed to snap it before she moved, not that she was involved in any way in purposefully sitting or cooperating. I think it would be better with less of her back showing . . . if I could figure out how to copy a picture in our photo program (not iphoto) , I'd crop it and play with it some. I also like how her adorable profile is sort of showing up in the shadow, another thing if I'd have purposely tried to include if I had the chance for more shots . . . but overall this does fit in the vision I had for this, when I saw her covered with sand.


  1. i like your pictures. way cooler than when i try. love the one of belle.

  2. Great pics! I'm a big fan-especially the one of Belle's shoulder and sand!

  3. Matt would call Belle a sugar cookie.