Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

I just wanted a Jimmy Buffet shout-out. As far as actual eating goes, there really haven't been any feeding frenzies.

Unless you count popsicles.

For the most part, they've been eating what we eat, something grilled with some sort of carby side . . . but then there's the nights they just don't and it's so hot and I can't. Apparently there was something inedible about the ravioli I bought in Maine so I finally threw the rest of the bag away. They're always up for frozen waffles, though.

The night I didn't feed them until 8 PM (don't ask), Kate downed 2 pieces of pizza without blinking. Sam ate too, so maybe the key is to have them hungry . . . and overtired . . .

Overall, Sam's been eating more food but he still pulls out the "I don't want/like this" often.

So yes. The whine production is still going strong.

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