Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Reasons I have not had a blog post in a while (and probably won't very often for the next few weeks):

1. I had a baby (OK, that wasn't me, but I'm so happy for this former student & current friend).

2. I have had to hand-wash a lot of dishes because

3. I'm in Maine.

4. We went to see the largest globe in the world.

5. We got Kate a backpack at the L. L. Bean store in Freeport.

6. We were visiting with Craig's brother's family.

7. I am working on my lessons for VBS.

8. I read two really good books.

9. Every few days we take a boat ride to "the Foot" for candy for the kids.

10. I fell down the stairs and got a big scrape on my arm & bruise on my knee.

Now. Head over to ohamanda for more lists. The pool/beach/dishes/dinner can wait.

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