Saturday, June 12, 2010

There's a point in here somewhere . . .

This is supposed to be a blog about food. That's how I imagined it when I thought of the name: A mom sets out to feed her "picky" children regular food and blogs about it. That's what the book reviews and movie trailers would say.

Ah, but after thinking of what to eat, and going to the grocery store, cooking, and then battling with them to eat it, I don't always feel like writing about it. I feel like I'm admitting my failures by telling you the lame things I make and our ridiculous methods for getting the kids to eat . . .

I think lately the enemy has been extra busy reminding me about my shortcomings and all the ways I'm a loser. I can't keep the house clean. Despite reading Grace-Based Parenting (post coming soon, by the way; once I get my jaw off the floor from the revolutionary* thoughts in there), I lose it with my kids. I don't exercise or put on makeup every day or keep up with the Joneses or . . . you name it.

I'm a loser.

*revolutionary to me. Maybe the rest of you knew/believed these things already.

But you know what? By the grace of God, I was able to scrape myself up last week and "do the next thing." This is where I don 't worry about if I'll emotionally spiral downhill later in the afternoon; I empty the dishwasher or read a book to my children or build a Lego house because that's what to do then. And the house has been cleaner. The meals have been homemade.

For the most part.

I had a good talk with a good friend, a wonderful God-given friend, that helped me keep my eyes and heart turned to God.

Maybe I'll do a food post later this week. Maybe.

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