Thursday, June 10, 2010


That's Kate very helpfully picking the strawberries out of my bin and putting them in her bucket.

Freaky-looking berry that you can't see very well; it was like 4 berries stuck together.

Last year she wouldn't even taste them, so this is a big improvement.

Sam getting a ride from Noah. This is shortly before Noah started pulling the wagon around in crazy circles and Sam and the berries toppled out.
I was very excited to try these shortcakes. They showed a lot of promise, but there was a little bit of an aftertaste that we blame on the baking powder. I am going to try them again making a few changes and I will let you know.
Maybe. If I remember.

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  1. strawberry picking already? where did you go? Jack and I really loved going last year, I need to call the place in Plainfield Nh and see if they are welcoming pickers yet this year. I am determined to learn how to "can" and make some jam. Nothing is better than fresh strawberries! cute pics.