Wednesday, June 16, 2010


At BJ, there were major sports and minor sports that one could play with one's society. I played soccer and once or twice, softball, but true dedication to society could be found in the minor sports. Shuffleboard. Badminton. Ping-pong. Innertube water polo.

Since my friend Katey was the most athletic girl I knew and also frequently was elected (alright, I can't think of it at all, it's like "sports coordinator" or something), under her influence I often found myself showing off some fine shuffleboard skills (nowadays they'd be skillz) or a poorly coordinated badminton move in an effort to, well, I'm not sure what we were up to. Possibly trying to earn society points to win "society of the year" but frankly, there had to be an easier way.

Sometimes no other society would show up to play and the one who did show up could win by default. This was the stuff of legends; everything I showed up for, I had to play.

Once. Once I tried innertube water polo. It wasn't as humiliating as it sounds, as (of course) there were girl times and times for the pool.

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