Sunday, June 6, 2010


Kate has a very large collection of puppies that we often cart around. Sometimes I can convince her to only take one or two when we are going out, but even just going up and down stairs, she gathers them all to take with her, or asks me to carry them. It's too

So, I thought, I'd get her a child-sized sling to carry them. I'd read about them over on MckMama's blog. And then, at some point of searching, I thought, I could make that.

So I did.

I sort of followed the instructions here. I bought a yard of fabric and sewed it right sides together most of the way around, then turned it right side out. It bothered me that the "wrong" side of the fabric would show so I made that step up myself. Then I "pleated" the ends and sewed on velcro (the one website talks about using rings and how to connect it with velcro so it's not a strangulation hazard which I hadn't thought of at all). Oh, well, first when I tried to sew the pleats I broke the needle on my sewing machine and had to go to Joanne's for more, which was good since the ones I bought had needles for light, medium, and heavy fabric, so with the "heavy" needle and a little tension adjustment, it took me about 10 minutes to finish the whole deal.

Also while at J's I got pinking shears for another project I whipped up after dinner. No pictures yet.

And while we're talking about buying scissors, I wish I had spent the extra $2.50 (after the 50% off coupon) and gotten these.

On the sling, I ended up sewing little gathers (sort of) in the middle of the pouch. Without the rings, there weren't any rails to tighten (you have to see the Maya Wrap DVD to really appreciate the rails).

Sam and Kate were very curious about what the sling would be when I said I was going to make it. Of course they're too young to remember being in it. I didn't think I'd be a sling mama but once I tried it out I loved it; thinking about it makes me almost ache for the weight of my babies in the sling. Sam was about 6 months old when I got it but I had Kate in it from the start.

Shortly after I took this picture (which I had to trick her to get, she was trying to run away), she decided she didn't like it because she wanted something to carry all her babies in and her towel (she's weirdly attached to this towel. She refuses to get it wet.) and she didn't think they'd fit (although I think if I tried, they would). Also, it wasn't pink and brown so she didn't like it.


It was fun to make, though.


  1. so cute, and creative! great job. Kate is hilarious.

  2. i love it so much! i'm going to attempt to make my first adult-sized sling. we'll see...