Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day

It's Sam's last day of kindergarten. I can't believe how much he's grown and changed this last year.

He learned to read. He does equations. He can occasionally tell time on a non-digital clock. He writes sentences like "I playd socer. I skod three gols," with a picture accurately depicting the Black Bears (his team, drawn with black crayon) against the Green Slime (drawn in green, the team they played the weekend before).

Overall, I can't believe this year has passed. Nine months ago Kate was still napping in the afternoon and I was waking her up to go pick up Sam at school. It took three weeks of that before I let Sam ride the bus home. Then for awhile I put Kate in the stroller and took a walk before meeting the bus. Then that stroller ripped (the second one!), I returned it, and the 'walk as exercise' was retired until I could go alone.

Sam had a tough adjustment, which I was not expecting. The second week of school he punched two kids. He had a hard time following directions and getting along with his new friends. Eventually we had to tell him "no Wii" before school and that seemed to help; it's like he couldn't organize himself after playing and was too "keyed up" to settle down for school. I tried getting them outside in the morning for a walk or something until it got too cold, and that seemed to help, too.

The biggest adjustment for me was how early we had to eat lunch - he had to be at school at 12:15, so we usually started eating at 11 AM. That's like second breakfast or brunch, not lunch. Eventually I gave up on my self-imposed expectation of "real lunch" and gave him waffles and fruit for lunch.

Sam had a wonderful teacher. She's very young - it's her second year teaching. Part of me wanted an "older" teacher, but I was a young teacher - and really, young teachers are so much more aware of what's current in education. (Well, I did teach in tiny private Christian schools, so there was really no sense of "educational theory" or "continuing education" for the teachers. Many of them were just warm bodies for crowd control.) But Sam's teacher, while fresh out of grad school, made up for "lack of experience" with enthusiasm, energy, and kindness. She was positive and upbeat even at the beginning of the year when he was struggling and for all she knew, we were a pair of slacker parents who didn't care. She called me with concerns, answered my questions, and really brought out the best in Sam.

I will always be thankful that Sam had her as his kindergarten teacher. I love how God directed who he'd have before I even thought to ask.

I'm feeling a little emotional about the end of the year. Not as much as the beginning of the year, but a still . . . a little. He's growing up, and the days (or moments) of firsts and lasts bring that into a clarity that often gets drowned in the dailyness of daily life.


  1. i'm not looking forward to the growing up so fast part of all of this...

  2. awww, it is so bittersweet when they reach these milestones. you are a great Mom. I think school can more rough for the parents sometimes than the kids! Yeah for summer.