Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Childhood vacations

When I was young, my parents would pack the three of us kids into the station wagon with a cooler and sleeping bags and a tent and drive us around the country. We'd camp at campgrounds and mostly visit historical sites with a few natural wonders thrown in for variety. I'd like to say this is a list of my top-ten favorite places visited as a child, but in reality I had a hard time remembering 10 things. So it's kind of just a list of 10 things.

1. Yellowstone National Park - we actually rented a cabin here and stayed for a few days. We ate in a cafeteria-type place and saw Old Faithful.

2. Wall Drug - for about 700 miles before you get there, there are billboards announcing it. Also lots of motorcyclists on the highway, heading to Sturgis.

3. Great Smoky Mountains - We went there more than once. The streams are very cold to swim in.

4. Prince Edward Island - the fairest of all earthly places. Really.

5. Kentucky Horse Park - I loved horses growing up and I think maybe my parents chose to go here because I would like it so much.

6. Taos, NM - another place we stayed for almost a week, but this time in the tent. My sister got a cactus stuck in her hand and we visited Anasazi cave dwellings.

7. Boston - I remember buying a teal-colored t-shirt that said "Boston" on it and walking the Freedom Trail through the North End and seeing "the Garden."

8. St. Louis Arch - We drove from Harrisburg, PA, to St. Louis, MO in one day. It was long and awful. But the Arch was cool.

9. Interior, SD - where we ate Indian fry bread that was so good and they said the green hot sauce would "take the paint off your truck."

10. Outer Banks, NC - I remember eating at a restaurant where we could see the ocean on one side and the sound on the other. I think we camped there for 2 or 3 days and there were these people flying a kite way way way high up in the air. I think it was their "thing."

And two honorable mentions:

Vicksburg, MI - My father insisted on touring the battlefield even though it was 108 degrees even though (for once) we actually had a hotel room and the hotel had a pool. This is probably (other than that "longest day" drive mentioned above) one of my least favorite memories.

Niagara Falls - the joke in my family is that I declared this place "boring." They never let me forget that I said that.

For some real top-ten action, and not just random things corralled onto a list numbered 1 through 10, go to ohamanda.


  1. Those are some good choices. I might have to come up with 10 of my own...hmmm. Don't forget, Dad wouldn't let us have the air on in the car at Vicksburg. That made it a terrible time as well. :) and I thru his binoculars down on the ground. fun times.

  2. OOh... I want to go to Prince Edward Island! I'd love that! I want to be Anne!! Lol, about Niagara Falls. I'd love to go there too. We drove on deputation so much growing up that driving around anywhere to see anything completely lost it's fun once I hit my teen years. Although, we still got to see some awesome places and beautiful scenery.