Monday, June 7, 2010


A few years back, I bought this for Sam's room:

Alright, it's not on the Land of Nod website. It was a banner of different fabric triangles. I am not going up to take a picture of it so you will have to use your imagination.

I have looked at it many times and thought, I could make that.

So yesterday, when I got the pinking shears, I decided to give it a try.
First, I made a triangle template by tracing one of the triangles from Sam's banner. I folded the paper in half to make sure it was symmetrical and then traced it on cardboard.

Then I traced it onto fabric from my extensive fabric collection. The fabric really only fills two bins, but since I just have it and don't use it it feels like a lot.
Are you so happy I took a picture during the process?
I traced it like this so it took less fabric and also so when I cut the line down the middle I was cutting the sides of two triangles. I'm all about the time-saving steps. I also cut two layers of fabric at the same time (wrong sides together). These two stayed together, so even though I cut 4 triangles from each fabric, there's only two of each on the finished banner.
After all the triangles were cut, I sewed around the inside edge at about 1/2", or something like that, so there's no "wrong side." Then I sewed it onto 4 yeards of twill tape from Joanne's.
I haven't decided where to put it; initially I was going to give it to a friend who's having a baby but I really like it and think I'll keep it. I could make another one, I guess. I do have all that fabric just sitting in bins.
In completely unrelated news, the spacing in this post bothers me. I've made repeated attempts to fix it and it won't sort itself out.


  1. i keep seeing those in all the shelter magazines and thinking "i could totally make one." it looks awesome!

    also, i never would have noticed the spacing issue. you win the award.

  2. It's so fun! I see the spacing issue of which you speak...