Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten years, Ten songs

This fall will be our 10 year anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been TEN years. I think of things that happened before I met Craig as happening not that long ago. But this spring, it's made me pause a few times as I thought, no, that was ten years ago.

So these 10 years (I'm just all over the place with spelling 10 or typing it out) have me thinking about a few top-ten lists I could do based on our marriage. So to kick things off, here's . . .

10 songs from the ten years I've known Craig:

(Originally, I wanted to have a song from each year, but that was proving to be a little too difficult. This list is arranged loosely in order of the years we particularly liked the song or listened to it a lot; once Sam came on the scene, he influenced our choices by what we played for him (in utero, #4), or sang to him (#6). #6 also became popular again last fall, when Kate was obsessed with it. Fortunately we all already knew all the words. Also, I have to add that most of these are my taste and not so much Craig's; we don't always agree on what to listen to and since I care more, we go with my choices.)

1. Breathe, Faith Hill

2. I Could Not Ask for More, Edwin McCain

3. Cowboy Take me Away, Dixie Chicks

4. Sweet Afton, Nickel Creek

5. 100 Years, Five for Fighting

6. The First Cut is the Deepest, Sheryl Crow

7. Les Mis Soundtrack

8. Leaving on a Jet Plane, John Denver

9. Revival in Belfast

10. If I had a Million Dollars, Barenaked Ladies

Alright, so everyone else in the world got over that last song in 1992, but it was on the radio the other day when Kate was in the car and later that night she was singing it. So we got it from itunes.

And have listened to to 156,000 times in the last 3 days.

I laugh at "dijon ketchups." Kate giggles at "Garfunkel." Sam likes the "Crazy ABCs" song.

Kate will randomly tell someone what she'd get them if she had the money. "Nana, if I had a million dollars, I'd buy you a Christmas Tree shop."

While I think I should be sick of it, I'm not. Partly because I didn't hear it in 1992 (I was not allowed to listen to "rock" music and also pretty sheltered from secular music. But that's for another post.). I read once that the reason (or one of the reasons) we listen to songs over and over is that our minds are trying to "solve" them. I agree with that in this way: for me, it's figuring out the words and the timing (you could help, it wouldn't be that hard is particularly difficult to "get" if you're singing along), the order of the song (verses? chorus? bridge?), and the occasional different harmonies thrown in (usually at the end).

I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to music so laugh if I sound ridiculous trying to discuss something I don't even really have a vocabulary for.

Anyway. There you go. These are 10 songs (and albums) from the soundtrack of our marriage. Click here for ohamanda and the other top-tens of the day.

later . . .

It's occurred to me that Fire & Rain (JT) needs to be on this list. This will require some re-figuring. Maybe I'll get to it before Tuesday. or not.


  1. this is awesome. plus, ten years deserves a trophy and all your laundry done for you for a week.

    i love "if i had a million dollars, i would buy you a christmas tree shop."

  2. Congrats! We celebrated our 10th last August, and I remember thinking, "Wow, 10 is such a long time, but where did it go?" It's amazing how time flies!

  3. We'll celebrate nine years in August. I love anything JT sings, btw. Love Edwin McCAin and "100" years as well. Mike actually made me a CD when we were dating of his favorite love songs and that would definitely be THE soundtrack of our relationship. He actually has a pretty good and eclectic taste in music so his choices were all great! Every time I hear one of those songs on the radio I think of our early dating and engagement year. He called the CD " To Us". Pretty original, right? lol

  4. Yay for 10 years!! And I love the phrase "soundtrack of our marriage"...maybe I'll do this one one day...