Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten (nine) worst nights

Sometimes I'll be up with the kids 4-7 times a night and think, that was the worst night of my life. Then I think, no, it wasn't. The night I was having an appendicitis was the worst.

So here are some of the worst nights I have spent, sleeping, trying to sleep, or not sleeping.

1. The night I was having my appendicitis and was up nursing Kate at least 3 times and "sleeping" on the sofa.

2. The night I went as a chaperone for a retreat with the high school I was teaching at and shared a room with the other chaperones and the one woman snored like an extra-loud freight train all night.

3. The night Craig and I drove through Canada to get to Detroit for Katey's wedding and I had a massive migraine and it was dark and desolate with no hope for a hotel even if I could have talked Craig into stopping and the oncoming car lights were piercing holes in my head and I wanted to die.

4. The night I went as a chaperone on a trip to NYC and we were sleeping in a church. I was added at the last minute and didn't know I needed a pillow/sleeping bag and one of the other chaperones let me have hers which made me feel bad. Some of the girls kept talking & laughing & getting loud and I freaked out on them and they went in the other room to be even louder and I felt foolish. And I kept waking up every two hours or so and wondering where I was.

5. The night I was driving back from Bob Jones with my parents and brother for my grandfather's funeral and the car broke down and we got a hotel room and I kept insisting my parents call the garage to find out about the car and they didn't. My father snored horribly and I was up all night wanting to slit my wrists. We found out in the morning that the car had been ready the night before.

6. My last semsester at Bob Jones,I had a roommate who ground her teeth and didn't understand that my whacking her from my top bunk with my pillow was my way of protecting her from wearing down her tooth enamel and/or TMJ.

7. One night two weeks ago, the first night we were at my parents' house: Kate slept on the day bed, Sam slept on the trundle, and slept on the floor. I am getting too old to sleep on the floor.

8. The night at camp when one of my campers knocked her head pretty hard (proably playing spoke tackle but maybe some other way) and to make sure she was OK and not concussed too badly, I had to wake her up every two hours. Which meant I had to wake up every two hours.

9. The first night back at the camp after having my appendix out . . . pain, vomiting . . . not fun.

10. . . . I'm actually having trouble coming up with a #10. And looking at this list, I really have nothing to complain about. I've not had to sit in the hospital with a sick or dying child, parent, sibling . . . loved one. I have not faced floods or earthquakes or other natural disasters that have taken everything I owned and treasured. So yeah. From a sarcstic viewpoint, "that was the worst night ever." But to put aside the sarcasm (it's hard), I have no reason to complain about a few interrupted nights' sleep because of someone's snoring . . .

And now. You know what to do. Head over to ohamanda for more lists.

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  1. I would add: The night I was up all night in labor!!
    But then, you can't even complain about that! :)