Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ten Jobs

Driving home from Maine this past Sunday, I scratched down some ideas for top-ten Tuesdays. I'm so excited to have lists for the next few weeks.

Ten Jobs I had in high school and college:

1. Arby's - this was my first job. A guy from our church was the manager and gave me the job.

2. McDonald's - This was close to our house and we frequently walked to work (7 blocks or so) until they built the new store down by the mall.

3. Sears men's department - this girl in our church worked in the paint department there and I thought it'd be cool to work with her but they didn't need me there, they needed people in the men's department. I worked there summers and Christmas break all through college, sometimes part of the day at Sears and part of the day at another job; for awhile McD's across the street, or some of the other jobs that follow.

4. Weis - this is a grocery store. I hated this job. They said I couldn't go outside during my breaks (I guess so customer's didn't think I was slacking?) and that meant staying in the smoke-filled break room (this was way back when, remember) and my drawer never seemed to turn out right. I didn't know how to ring up coupons or something. I wanted to quit after two weeks but then had to give them two weeks' notice so I think I ended up being there a full month. I had never seen perogies before checking them out while working there.

5. Chuck E. Cheese - yes. I worked there. Maybe that's why I hate it so much? Actually we got to eat pizza and finish off cakes from parties so it wasn't all bad. There was the singing and dancing for parties. I quit after two weeks because . . .

6. A woman from my church offered me a job working at a makeup store she had in Strawberry Square. It was this all-natural line from Australia (maybe?) and was #1 in France (probably a lie). When they said all-natural, they meant it. They said you could eat any of the products (not that you'd want to) because why would you put something on your face that you wouldn't put in your body? Business was very slow. My sister would come and play gin rummy with me or I'd talk on the phone. I did clean the shelves and once in awhile I'd lock the shop and wander around to the other stores but there wasn't much to see. One day, the only two people who came in were asking for helium balloons. I'd do 3 days a week there and then nights and the other days of the week at McD's. Half the money I made went to my college bill and the other half was mine to fritter away on white Polo shirts, long khaki skirts, hose, or Aigner shoes. I can't remember what this stuff was called but she closed up shop in the fall.

7. BJ Art Gallery - My job was to vacuum and broom the carpet. We vacuumed one direction, picked up the vacuum, went back to the other end, then did another strip alongside the first. Then we took the broom and broomed out all the lines. I really had to bust my tail to get my section done in the time allowed and would sweat and I hated that. On my last day, I made the one little room stripy by going one direction then the other. I went downstairs and told the cranky old birds down there (they usually were gold leafing a frame) that I made the room stripy for Christmas but they didn't believe me.

8. Bob Jones daycare - another semester (or year, I can't remember), I worked in the day care with the two-year olds (children of faculty or staff). Those kids are practically graduating from college now . . . wow. I'm old.

9. temping at Hershey Foods - I got this through a temp agency. Easy stuff. I was only there a few days for a few weeks.

10. EDS - I did this my first summer home from BJU. I desperately missed my friends and was "in love" with a boy who might have broken up with me before I went home for the summer. I waited every day for a letter (again, back in the day) that didn't come and read and hated David Copperfield. I was an "idependent third party verifier" for people who had been telemarketed into changing long distance companies.

Exciting stuff, huh? I don't miss any of it. Give me a pre-schooler pretending to be a bunny and a kindergartner negotiating to play Wii any day. I have found my calling. Well, to be more accurate, God led me to this and it's wonderful.

Head over to ohamanda for her great Disney-themed list and other top-tens.



    The carpet job is hysterical!!

  2. Haha! wow. You've had some interesting jobs. I worked in the Sear's children's dept and HATED it. The only sales job like that I've ever had. I'd take Chuck E Cheese or day care over any of the other ones!

  3. You have awesome job experiences. But i wana know one thing that in which job you enjoyed most coz its looking very difficult for me to find your favorite job.

  4. I hear you! Chuck E. Cheese would be the worst! My first job was a roadside yours don't sound too bad! ;)