Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tonight, Craig picked up some lamb tips from the butcher. Sam asked what we were having so I told him that Craig had hit some animal on the way home and picked it up and was going to cook it.

He went to ask Craig if that was true.

After finding out it was lamb, he declared he didn't like lamb.

But he does.

And so it begins (again).

I told him,in a one-time-only offer, that he could have chicken nuggets instead of lamb. This led to 20 minutes of indecision, whining, and snacking on yogurt and applesauce. And in the end, he chose lamb.

And ate it.

Kate whined less but repeated what Sam was saying. When Sam didn't want lamb, she didn't. When Sam didn't want green beans, she didn't. When Sam wanted yogurt, she did (but she wanted hers without "granilla," which is what she calls granola).

Between the yogurt, applesauce, lamb, and rice, they both ate a good amount. I think it's a good trick to have them 'snack' on a fruit or veggie before they eat because they're hungry enough to eat and they're getting produce. Please, don't tell me if I'm delusional about this.

I do need to get back into the swing of things around here, as far as menu planning and insisting they eat what's being served. While we were away, there was enough other stuff going on that I was not going to fight that battle with them, the one where they don't want to eat and I insist they do and occasionally there's crying and most certainly there's whining . . . also, when we're away, I'm not in charge of what's being served so I can't insist they eat it (I mean technically I can, I know that, but for everyone's well being I don't).

My dad makes dinner on Monday nights and while we were there, he made meatloaf and mashed potatoes and probably some kind of veggie. He didn't make up plates for the kids. He called us to the table and they had no food. Meatloaf is something normal enough that I would have them at least try it . . . but he didn't even ask. I guess he just assumed I was feeding them something else.

Of course when they tried it they "didn't" like it so I let them have cereal (which just proved his point, I guess) - no wait, they both ate the potatoes. But I am sure that there was cereal or waffles involved. It's hard, people. I just want them to be fed while we're there; I don't want to deal with cranky, hungry, and sad children.

The roads in Pennsylvania are awful. I used to think this was a joke because my dad worked for PennDOT and I thought we just privy to insider jokes about the crummy roads, but it's true. As soon as we drove into PA it was like driving over braille. Or maybe upside-down braille. You know, because braille is raised and potholes are not. So if you turn the braille upside down it would resemble potholes more.

I guess it's not a good comparison if I have to explain it.

And we saw at least a dozen dead deer on the side of the road in PA. During the whole trip, it was the state with the most roadkill.


  1. Clever connecting the beginning and end...very Big Mama-ish!!

  2. ok, this is a FABULOUS post. i loved reading it from beginning to end. and i am glad you're back... even tho i'm a little late in saying that.