Wednesday, May 5, 2010


(yes, we're back. It's taking a while to get back to normal life. Maybe my expectations are too high re: unpacking, cleaning, etc., in a timely fashion. Maybe I'm lazy. Here's a little tidbit from back in the day for you; I thought of this last week when I was in the Ralph Lauren outlet and spritzed a little Lauren on my wrist and thought that's one of the best smells ever.)

It was my junior or senior year and was at a speech recital in what is now called Stratton Hall but was not called that then. I think I went by myself, I must have known the person whose recital it was or someone in it. I ran into Stephen St. John there (am I allowed to use his name?) and sat next to him.

When the recital was over, he asked what perfume I was wearing.

"Pleasures," I told him.

"Well, it's been one," he replied.

Granted, I probably had completely over-doused myself but nevertheless I liked his cute little comment.


  1. He was on the ball with that one!

  2. Nice memory. He is a nice guy for sure.