Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I haven't participated in awhile, but since I'm having trouble getting back "on track" or "into the swing of things" (choose your cliche), here's a not me to "get the ball rolling."

(The button is not working for me. Imagine it's here.)

Things that did not happen the other week while I was in PA:

I did not play Lego Indiana Jones on my son's new DS obsessively, even at one point telling him he couldn't have a turn because "I own this level." (He still asks why I said that.)

My father did not, while at Hershey's Chocolate World, choose a oatmeal raisin cookie while they (my parents took Sam and Kate) were selecting cookies for their treat. I mean, really. It's the sweetest place on earth and you're going to pick raisins??

We did not, on each of the four nights we were there, sleep in four different configurations.

I didn't give my children a snack before dinner one night because I heard, while in the other room, my parents telling them they couldn't have a snack and that they should wait.

I did not have to repeat myself seventeen times to get my parents to understand they were taking the children to Chocolate World while I went shopping. They want to spend time with the grandchildren, right? They want me to have some sanity-recovery time, right?

I did not take the children to Red Robin instead of going to the Taste of Missions banquet at their church. It wasn't like S & K were tired and crabby and out-of-sorts from traveling down and sleeping in a different place. I would not pick their well-being (and a milkshake) over being in church for the sake of being in church. Never.

Head over to MckMama for more of what did not happen this past week.

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