Friday, May 14, 2010

I have been so tired all week.

Last night Craig went to the North End for dinner (super jealous. Back in the day, when I was young and carefree, I'd go there with friends and we'd just walk around and pick a place that looked good. But that was another life.) and then to the Celtics game. It was the second night in a row that he was out.

The first night I made them pancakes. This decision was mostly made by the griddle still leaning on the counter where it was put to dry after the last use. Hey, I put blueberries in Sam's. That's fruit, right?

Last night I made ravioli - those frozen ones that come in a bag? They're not too bad. I mean, they're not exactly good or North End, but they're fast and usually eaten.

Except for last night. Neither one of them wanted to partake. They did both eat the apples leftover from their lunch happy meals (I know!! What has happened around here! What with our trip, we've gotten four toys from this current cycle. Although [major rabbit trail here], Kate's first three were Barbie Mermaids and the closet feminist in me was horrified that the first Barbie was making its way into our house. First she got a crown, which was fine, but the next McD's stop yielded the actual mermaid doll thing, complete with exposed midriff, pert expression, and ridiculous hair [to digress yet again, I do have to say that Kate could give any barbie/Disney princess a run for her money in the hair department . . .

(Alright, so the picture's back lit, her hair is a little ragamuffin because it was late afternoon, and she is wearing a headlamp, but you get the idea.)]

Anyway, where was I? Oh, the Barbies. So she asks me what the thing's name is and I give her a few choices, Alice or Mary or something, and she says, "No, her name is Aloona." Seriously. The child has not really encountered Barbies or Mermaids and she picks a fittingly fancy name. I think I need to close a parentheses here).

Back to the original story. I'll recap in case you've forgotten what I was talking about (I did, I had to scroll back up). They didn't eat the ravioli (I had no problem with them; I put sauce on mine). Kate had had a banana and pretzel sticks for a snack, and maybe some cheese, followed by 3 bites of ravioli and the apples, so she said she was full. Sam capped off the ravioli whine and apples with a bowl of cereal.

You read that right. On what was basically a "gimme" night of something they "like," I let him have a bowl of cereal because he didn't want to eat.

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  1. her hair IS to die for. and i have a secret love for those frozen ravioli. yeah, they're not north end worthy, but something about them tastes very sinful and indulgent. specially with canned sauce.

    as an aside, if you haven't been before, next time you're down near boston, stop at bob's food in medford and pick up their frozen hand-made ravioli. they're expensive but divine. stuffed with things like lobster, spinach, and porcini mushrooms.