Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cultural Anthropology

For one of my history minor requirements, I took Cultural Anthropology. This was taught by a woman who remembered all of our names. One requirement for this class was to read an ethnography. These are breakdowns of other cultures, not too long but dreadfully boring.

Or maybe just not as exciting as being with friends, cheering, flirting, or playing soccer.

I ran out of time to read all of the first one, so I skimmed the last 2/3 of the book and wrote the paper. I think I got a B+ on it. Maybe even an A-.

So when the second one came due, I didn't read the book at all. I read the first and last paragraphs of most of the chapters and wrote the paper. I think I got a C- on that.

It was kind of a good idea. I didn't fail. Unless you define fail as not remembering anything else from a semester's worth of class.

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  1. You remembered the name of the class and some grades. That is better than I can do on classes that went toward my major.