Monday, April 5, 2010

Whine Production

Dinners have been easier around here lately. The more nights in a row they eat what we eat the more accustomed they become to it. Someone usually chimes in with a token "I don't like that," but for the most part they eat with little drama or whining.

Kate did gag pretty believably when we had salmon loaf last week. She may not actually have liked it, although I'm sure that she's eaten it in the past. Regardless of what we're having, she likes to walk around and declares early on she's "full," but once we get a bite or two into her mouth, she eats pretty well.

We are trying, with Sam, to have him think about if he's really full or if he's just wanting to get up and do whatever it is that's caught his attention. He'll point to his full plate and say, "how many bites?" . . . we don't want him to think he has to "clean his plate," but we also don't want him to walk away from supper and think he's going to get a bowl of cereal before bed.

He's been eating more per meal that I can remember him eating in a long time. He put on some weight this winter - almost 4 pounds! - which is practically more than the last 2.5 years. I could go check, but I won't. Take my word for it.

I didn't have to worry about their behavior for a big fancy Easter meal, because we had a cookout in Maine. It was fun to be with Nana and Papa and not have the pressure of a big meal and the potential for excessive whining/not eating. Kate still didn't eat her hot dog, buts he did just fine with the Swedish Fish eggs (I don't see the point of Swedish Fish if they're not the red ones but she likes these) and the mini Cadbury eggs. Sam ate his burger and the Rice Krispy Treat eggs.

I took a whole bunch of pictures while I was making these, for a blog post, but don't have time to get into it right now (Sam is sick, poor dude, and home from school, and I need to go check on him, then try to get the laundry from the weekend under control before Hoarders shows up at my door with a film crew). I'm sure this idea is out there somewhere but I thought it up on my own. I will go into detail about my food coloring fail when I do a post on my Rice Krispy Treat adventures of the last week.

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  1. I am so excited cookout season is here!!

    Hope Sam feels better!!