Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten reasons I didn't post for a few days (I realize there are a few posts before this one but I wrote last week's posts on Sunday and then didn't write any more until the next Sunday, so to me it felt like I didn't post in awhile. This is also why I can say it was nice and it rained for 3 days in the same list. Bear with me here):
  1. Nothing happened.

  2. It was nice and we were playing outside.

  3. I couldn't think of anything to post.

  4. I cooked dinner every night.

  5. Craig worked late and I had to bathe both children one night.

  6. It rained 3 days in a row and I felt like a slug.

  7. Kate decided she would go to story time.

  8. I was working on a quilt.

  9. A friend came over with her two kids for a playdate.

  10. I cleaned the littles' rooms.

Now, head over to Amanda's blog for more top-ten lists (I can't get the top-ten button to appear, and it's not for lack of trying).


  1. {sorry about that silly blog button, I tried to fix it. blech.}

    Don't you LOVE that the simple act of bathing TWO kids zaps every bit of extra strength out of you? Tonight is a 2-kid-bath night. I'm already dreading it. *sigh*

  2. I hate bath night!
    All good reasons for not posting,btw. ;o) I'll bet quilting can take up a a lot of time. You're quite crafty, aren't you?