Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taco night & next week

::Taco Night

"I don't care if they eat cereal," Craig mutters to me in the kitchen, "as long as they stop crying."

It was pre-dinner meltdown time and the libretto had few words but a lot of noise. It was taco night and they were telling me, in alternating solos and the occasional duet, that they did not want tacos or like tacos.

So I say to them, "you can have cereal and fruit for supper."

Not a minute later, Craig says to them, "It's chicken nuggets or tacos."

Resume wailing.

So then we, the parents, discussed our miscommunication and gave them cereal. Kate had carrots and Sam had yogurt. Almost fruit. Almost.

::Next Week

Next week is school vacation week and I am heading to PA with the littles to visit my parents. Their internet connection is very slow (I think they have moved on from dial up) and, of course, there's no wireless (you mean I can't sit on the sofa, watch TV, and be online? What am I supposed to do for entertainment?). When we come back, they are going to Maine with Nana and Papa and then I am going to a scrapbook retreat.

I tell you all of this because I decided that I am going to take a blog break for the next week or so. I know, mass disappointment across the nation. I want to laugh at myself for taking this so seriously that I feel the need to make a statement about it. But there it is. I needed to take something "off my plate" (I actually think that's a really annoying phrase) and not trying to scramble a bunch of posts to schedule for next week is actually making me feel more calm.


  1. Have fun! And I totally understand announcing your break. I always do ;o)

  2. you will be greatly missed. come back soon, mkay?